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quote If This ‘New Economy’ Is Knocking The Stuffing Out Of YOUR Retirement Plans, here’s GOOD NEWS At Last…

Announcing the ultimate guide to retiring rich and reaping all the ‘hidden’ rewards today’s economic trends have to offer!

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Now you can throw away all your old guidebooks on investing for retirement. Because even though there’s lots of money to be made in the months and years to come, you can still lose your shirt if you’re following those rules of the ‘old economy’. Follow these two steps...

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Want to know what is inside this book? Watch DaRayl describe why he wrote this book.

I want you to take a look at these alarming facts:
  • 96 percent of Americans never achieve financial independence! (According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, they end up dependent on charity, welfare, or family … or are forced to work past their ‘retirement age’.)
  • 85 percent of the people reaching age 65 years don’t have even $200 in their bank accounts! (That figure comes straight from the IRS!)
  • 97 percent of all Americans, according to the US Census Bureau, will be forced to scratch out their retirement existence on a paltry $10,000 – or less! – a year.
  • Americans aged 85 and older are now the fastest-growing segment of our population! (In fact, Hallmark sells TENS of THOUSANDS of birthday cards for 100-year olds every year!)
  • Within 20 years, there will be 70 million Americans aged 65 and older (That’s more than DOUBLE the number in that age group in 2000!)
  • Corporate pensions are nearly extinct, while Social Security and other entitlements threaten to break the federal bank for good.
  • Federal debt is predicted to swell from about $28,000 per American to more than $100,000 during the next 20 years if Baby Boomers claim all they are entitled to by current law.

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WARNING: The US government is already BROKE!
It simply does not have enough money to meet its financial obligations…
…and that includes its Social Security obligations to you!
Even David Walker, Comptroller General of the United States, warns that both parties are promising us benefits that would cost trillions in Medicare, Social Security and other programs for the elderly.
Making good on those promises would break the bank, he says … and many other economists agree. The only ‘solution’ the government has is to raise taxes exorbitantly on our kids to fund the kind of retirement and healthcare goodies enjoyed by our parents’ generation – and they were a much smaller group.
“I can’t think of a worse retirement system than the one we have in America today!”
- Alicia Munnell,
Director of the Center for Retirement Research

And don’t think your corporate pension plan is exempt from the many changes sweeping through the government plans. All plans in this country are free game for overhaul … and even having their heads laid on the chopping block!

… so why are you still trusting them to provide for you in your retirement? BIG mistake!

As a nation, our debt to other investor-countries continues to grow because we simply can’t pay our bills – all we’re paying is interest on the interest. Your government is promising you money it doesn’t have, and will never be able to give you.

And yet…

In The Midst Of This Financial Chaos And Upheaval, There Is Hope…

Hi, my name’s DaRayl D. Davis … CEO of Financial Assurance Corporation and host of Wealth of the Nation on CBS Radio and CTV. You may have also seen me on Fox Business News.

In case you’re not already familiar with me … I’m a published author, investor education coach, and IRA expert with professional designations as Certified Estate Planner, Registered Financial Consultant, and Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant.

And since 1993, I’ve been leading financial literacy, investing, and estate planning workshops for federal and local government agencies, Public Schools, corporations, churches and associations across the nation.

I mention these points only to show you: I’m not one of those ‘fly-by-night’ financial advisors.

And I want you to understand this one critical fact: You CAN retire wealthy – or at least very comfortably … simply by capitalizing on the ‘new rules’ for financial independence.

All those ‘Doom-n-Gloomers’ in the news media see only one side of the coin. The truth is: Chaos is always accompanied by Opportunity!

Yes, in spite of all those Chicken Little prophesies that the economic sky is falling … you really can secure a more financially safe and sound retirement now than was ever possible before.


It takes playing by an entirely different set of investment rules than it did even a few short years ago!

And that’s why I’ve written…

Economic Secrets of the New Retirement Environment

I want to assure you that the bleak economic future you hear about on TV and read about in the papers need not be your economic future!

Because, in spite of what you’ve heard from far too many so-called ‘experts’, there has never been a better time to build wealth and secure your retirement riches than right now!

Order the book today!

Here are just a small handful of the things you’ll discover and the topics we’ll explore together in Economic Secrets of the NEW Retirement Environment…

  • A simple, systematic strategy you can begin using today to custom-design the kind of retirement you dream of.
  • How to shield your retirement savings from the onslaught of higher taxes
  • Avoiding these costly mistakes that could devour your retirement funds in a heartbeat!
  • Take full advantage of the many favorable benefits that new (and even some old) tax legislation affords you.
  • Fully enjoy the retirement that you dream of on your own terms!
  • Guarantee that any money you don’t spend goes tax efficiently to your heirs … and even leave large amounts to charity (thereby establishing your own personal legacy and setting an example for your family)!
  • Design an estate plan that will avoid unnecessary taxes, lawyers, courts and the probate system.
  • Avoid being the victim of the next big financial crisis
  • … and so much more
You’ll also learn:
  • Where true, lasting wealth comes from … and how you can maintain it, while still providing a reasonable standard of living.
  • What is the stock market, anyhow … why does it exist … how it functions … what’s good about it – and what’s horribly wrong … and how you can profit from it beyond belief!
  • The true nature of ‘retirement’. (Where did this whole concept begin … when and why did the government get into the business of FUNDING this phase of our life … and what’s so magical about the age of 65?)
  • The downside of ‘early retirement’ (It’s really not all a ‘bed of roses’ … and if you’re not properly prepared for it, you could be left financially AND emotionally devastated!)
  • How closely trends today parallel those preceding the Great Crash of 1929 … and what you can do to avoid suffering the way most Americans did in the Great Depression that followed!
  • Why the old ‘retirement model’ no longer works … and why following it anyhow could leave you absolutely destitute in your ‘golden years’.
  • How the economy of the world at large affects the money in your own pocket … and what ‘just one person’ can do about it.
  • All about the Baby Boom: its causes, and its effects on your ability to retire in comfort … or not!
  • The increasing health care costs associated with our aging population and how they’ll impact the way your retirement funds will be taxed.
  • The many physical and mental requirements for a happy, healthy retirement.

And of course, you’ll be given concrete; winning strategies you can put to use starting today. These proven tactics make it easy to leverage what you’ve got …multiply it … and squeeze the absolute maximum benefit from it so you can enjoy your retirement years the way you always dreamed you could!













































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